Speech of Forgiveness to Henry the First

Speech Of Forgiveness to Henry the First

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Today men we fight
Men, we fight for our cause
For our freedoms
For Our countries
Cause we can
Cause we feel a need to do as we wish

Alertness and curiosity will always be at each others throats. So don’t get yourself caught in the middle, for you have a better life then me, the one who made these two peaceful forces go against each other. For my sins I apologize for my crimes against humanity and emotion. I walk this path and I fall down, to see the sky above for the first time. We can and we must. We must do as we can, and what must be done is to hide the meaning in words. Tis that not what we all do, we hide our feelings in useless gifts that we feel such emotions to. I hate them, I hate these useless paper weights that we feel such gravity towards, but yet without them, we wouldn’t be able to hate, to love, to even be Human.
What is Human?
What is life?
What is Life? Life is the metaphysical belief that we have purpose and this is what scares me, that one mans beliefs were strong enough to create something,
Who was “He”?
What was “He”? “He” is what we call “GOD”. God is simply just a belief that Humans made to reduce their guilt that was caused by the wars and the bloodshed that we have caused throughout history.
My mind is telling me to run,
My body is telling me to fight,
and My emotions are telling me to cry, to just fall down and die.
These emotions King Henry I, are useless, so just lose them and fall down with me, To be Honest with you, I would kill you myself, but these emotions are telling me to not do so. You are nothing to me, the world will still revolve without either one of us, but yet we stay and we fight to prove the opposite of these Philosophies that we so caringly throw away.
We are men who replace freedoms with fear
We are men who would kill to live another day
we are men, are we not so
We fight
We steal
We kill
And we die
That is our life cycle that we all unwillingly follow till death. You couldn’t believe the thoughts that rush through our heads King Henry I, I despise you. So what can I do, Nothing, Nothing but wait.

Nicholas Brandow

Hatred of Others, expressed by others

Hatred of Others, expressed by othersWhat are we if we all simply were to just fall, fall into the darkness of our light. To cloud our judgement with terror and our reason with hatred. Well, others do such a thing. Other people hate on others without even knowing why they do such things.
People Lie
People Cheat
People Kill
People are killed
People are Cheated
People are lied to
By Others
Others Hate
Others Hate because they know nothing.They are arrogant in their ways to attempt to make them realize they have power in this world.
People are cruel
People are loved
People are hated
People may live
People may Die
But what do we care, oh it is just another person. Just another person who I didn’t know. Don’t say things like that, every time you do I feel my soul being torn to pieces. It would be like saying that if you died tomorrow I wouldn’t care. The thing is that you do care, you care and you are just too proud to say you do. Your image matters, isn’t that right King Henry the First. Admit to your sins, and then I shall deliver you from your pain.
The words of the Angels

My First Published Story


The Effects of Loneliness
Nicholas Brandow
The Effects of Loneliness
“Loneliness is a fatal disease, but yet I feel comfort and solace in it. I feel like nobody can reveal my faults if I am alone and isolated, but others find something wrong with it. Do I though? Do I care about others enough to change? Why do I care? Why Not? Can others truly understand my position if they are not. If they are just lost in the clouds, heads lower yet higher, and joyful with their contentions thoughts and their melodramatic lifestyle. My life, since birth was determined to be one of a mad man Whose only goal that is clear is world domination. Go ahead laugh and mock me, but I know that I may not achieve my goal, but I Will die trying to achieve it. I will go to the depths of Hell and back to make this happen. I will slaughter millions if need be to achieve my goal. I will destroy and rebuild, command and conquer, create and erase, write and discard time and space for this. But yet there is something more then myself that my goal needs, that is others. I hate everyone, people are
liars and
People are the very thing I wish to eliminate from the face of the Universe. We are a parasite and we are a Burden to the land, to the sea, to the hill tops and the gods and goddesses who rule over us. So leave me be, just let be me be Let me by myself for my time left on this earth. I am already considered lost and my sanity is being killed off
and allow it to, an experiment, test my limits and hope the worst will come from it. Yes indeed, this is me, a mad men who wants nothing more then to see-forth the destruction of all Humanity, allow them to destroy themselves.
I think not
I will do it myself
I will watch the fields of green burn to the ground.
I will watch as the white sky is painted red, and the rivers run dry. I will make the ground crumble as I step on it, I will and must to achieve my new goal, to be completely alone.
Find your solace
I have My Solace is eternal loneliness.
I wish to be alone and so I am, I hate all people. This is my warning to you all. Never wake a sleeping Beast, for the beats of it’s heart will crush your soul, and the weight of it’s foot will crush your life. It will level Your homes and destroy your lives. I am that Sleeping Beast, just leave me to my slumber and all will be saved, for now. There iS never a guarantee of ones life. You have this to keep you company when you all die, nobody will ever hurt you again, death Is the only Solace everyone can agree on, it comes when it is wanted, when it is called and summoned by us, and yet we fear it. Today marks a new day, as well today is where I say this. I have become the master of Death, I hate my life, I repent thy sins to thee AlmiGhty Gods and Goddesses of this Earth. Let my hand destroy the air, corrupt thy soul and repent, repent, repent to Repent. Repent to be alone, for the people I will and must kill. To the people who think they rule us. To all the Puppet Governments and all those controlled by the damn iron rule of Bureaucracy and Autocracy. To all those who feel as me and wish to see nothing else but the world and it’s inhabitants being reduced to nothing but burning ash. That’s my goal
So what Will she do,
What will you all do
What will I do
Who is she, she is the ghost who made me promise to finish what she started
She is the ghost who wished to SysTematically Eliminate those who are like me, and those who hate their lives. That’s why I must Break that promise, destroying all life will complete my task and secure my Loneliness forever. Sacrifice the world for pleasure that is me, I am the one person who would and will do it. So how will you stop me, you have three years left before I Begin, so Will you kill the killer. Will you break your morals to stop me and prevent me from achieving my goals. Try to, I challenge you To do so. In fact I hope you do. I will be waiting here, waiting for you as you stumble and fall.”
-Nicholas Brandow

When People Screw with You

When people screw with you, you feel betrayed.
When People screw with you, you feel degraded
When people screw with you. your whole day feels terrible
When You screw people, they feel betrayed
When You screw people, they feel degraded
When You screw people, their whole day feels terrible
Nicholas Brandow

Is there a God

Comment on this please:

This will be my answer to the most commonly asked question known to man. Here is where I will say my entire answer about what I believe in and how what I say here may affect your lives. With that being said, this is your only warning to turn back now.
Q: Mr. Phantom, do you believe their is a god?
A: No, I do not believe or perceive that one man was able to create the vast and infinite ocean of both knowledge and life that we are able to experience here today. I believe that multiple gods and goddess created it. I believe in Paganism. If you don’t know what that is Mr. Henry then you can look it up in your books.
Q: I suppose, but Why Are you a Pagan, rather then Catholic like you once were?
A; Mr. Henry, I am Pagan because I am the only one besides, MY gods and goddesses, who gets to decide my life. I was a lost soul who was once a man who was a philosopher, here is how I answered the question on a forum I am on about my choice,


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Re: Assignment 2 
By: Loscalzo
Sep 04, 2014
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I am a loner on this Earth. I have been shunned by society because of my choices. That’s why I am here, I am here because is the one place I feel like I truly belong. I use to be a philosopher for a time, I had given up my faith and exchanged it for a set of unrealistic ideals that never would last. My last chance to regain that life is far gone. I wrote a theory which ended me up in the arms of a system which is meant to destroy freedoms. I thought to myself one day after having a dream where this one person spared me from the cruel faith of others, I can’t recall correctly but I believe her name was Lilith. I remembered that after the dream I had, and so I did some research into the subject. What I found was amazing. I had found my sanctuary, my safe haven where I could be a student of the unknown and the unbelievable. I wanted the world to see what I was, I wanted to be noticed and respected because of my experience. My past is sad, but not all that much seeing as I am still making my childhood happening. I am only 16, turning 17 next month. I was abused as a younger child, and so they removed me from that place and put me in a variety of other homes. the same thing followed me to each of them. I was treated as a slave, an undesirable of each and every family I went to. I eventually got used to it. The constant inequality and the discrimination between my family and the family that dislike my existence. So when I found a physical sanctuary, I was relived, but I didn’t let my guard down just yet. I ended up becoming a man who hated all and believed none. The rest of the story is better. I was taught kindness and respect and the wonders of the world. So I stayed there a little longer, which turns out is until I decide to leave. I started practicing Paganism after I realized that the god I believed in never existed. That was after the death of my sister. This went through my head after that one dream. Odd, right? I thought that I had no need to continue believing in the fake god that I did before. So I ended my worship of him and became a follower of Paganism. My main belief is in the dark goddess Lilith, for she is the one that helped me in my time of need, and for that I would give my life if she wanted. I am trying to learn magick, so it is clear that I am not able to do any yet. I do believe it is possible, thus I will continue to try and eventually succeed in it. This is my story and why I am here. This is my entire account of the beginning and the current end. I assure you all that this story is 100% genuine and real.

Phantom: King Henry the First, you are simply my own personal imagination that I can tell my thoughts to. I highly doubt people actually have the intelligence to comprehend my vast knowledge and mental instability like you have since you are apart of me. To put it simply, I am typing the answers and questions that you are asking me right now. That is why you are able to understand what I am saying.
Kind Henry the First: So, wouldn’t you yourself be a god?
Nicholas Brandow: Yes, I am a god in a way. I have found a way to make it seem as if I can talk to others who have seemingly died a long time ago. You were at one point yourself considered a god among your people, but that was because you told them that you had divine right to the throne. I have done the impossible, and my theory was  a clear indication of it. Sadly, nobody believed my research, which also lead me to the point where I am here and now talking to either a ghost or my mental stability decaying before my eyes.
King Henry the First: Most likely the second one, being as I have no reclamation of my past life’s memories. So I guess the main question is,
Q: Who are you, Mr. Phantom? Why is your name “Phantom”, anyways?
A: Mr. Henry, you certainly are me, only I would ask myself such an ambiguous question. I will tell you all here and now. I call myself Phantom because I feel like I am non-existent. By now if anyone is actually reading this and or following my chronicles of talking with this man, is actually because I feel like I was dead since 2004, in the summer in which I was taken from my parents. But that was ten years from last month ironically. I haven’t seen their faces in over a decade, and yet they still to this day haunt me. Everyone is haunting me, a goddess of the night, a Dead king of England, A ghost whom I killed in my dreams, and a curse that I received about Six Years back. I have been on a downward fall from that stair case since then. Who am I? Well when I find out how to revive the dead and my sister I will tell you Mr. Henry, I guess in person then. That will be the day in which I am able to be of use to someone, like I have always wanted to be.
King Henry the First: Well, why are you doing what you do?
Nicholas Brandow: Because I feel a need to do it. I work as hard as I can to do it too. I don’t mind, I actually love to be useful. I guess I feel like I am useful here and that’s why I stay here. Mr. Henry, I feel like you are trying to make me say something. So answer me this Mr. Henry the First, why do you stay?
King Henry the First: (No Answer)
Phantom: That is the end of our interview Mr. Henry, learn from this and stop poaching me ti answer your questions Mr. Henry. You are the real spirit of the dead king, and I have shown you your past. Learn from it.
~Nicholas Brandow
Termination of Operation Phantom

The War of the Globals

The War is one that cannot be stopped,
nor can they start it.
The War is something that will destroy all who believe it will,
and all those who will it.
The war will fight terror,
but will also cause terror.
The War will never be done,
not even after all have perished.
The War will never be started,
for it was always here.
The War will always be there,
yet ours as well
The War will always be important,
but nobody will remember the fallen
The War will be a Weapon to an End,
and will create anew the world again.
The War will never kill anyone,
but the people who fight it will.
The War is not a means to an end,
just a simple show of force.
This war is not special,
because no matter where it may be,
people will always die.

Nicholas Brandow
Speech of Forgivness  to King Henry the first

The Ideal World

It has become evident that…. as Humanity would allow it would allow such actions of hatred and misery to be allowed in this world. Then people suggest ideas that would solve the problem, but then someone replies with,”…well in an ideal world it would work”. I truthfully hate the statement, and thus let me give you the insight of the ideal world you all seek.

The Ideal World which you speak of doesn’t exist. We have only this one world. You do not have the power or Administration to  tell otherwise, and all who do are wrong in that sense. I am about to become the enemy of the world for what  I am about to say, but I shall say such things here and now because they are something that I have withheld from the eyes of the Public. As you all should know, I am a failed Philosopher, and as such I have spent time and time looking into things that others couldn’t fathom, however I am relocating my Operations to the current world away from the realms I have studied. I shall now begin.

This world is our only true world, powered by innovation and rotated by theories. However, it is also the breeding grounds for the most disgusting and rapidly invasive insect that lives and types new ideas to power such a planet. This insect has seen high and low, searched far and wide for the answer to their questions, but the further they believe they understand, the further they actually reach the truth. Paper and pen, keyboard and screen, all alike yet very different, are they not. These tools both create and destroy, and each is powered by pure Emotion. Emotions that kill, Emotions that hate, Emotions that make people love and Emotions that make people cry. Yes, these Emotions are such a powerful force, and when put in the wrong hands are a deadly weapon. Such events where this was the case was Nazi Germany and their Holocaust of anyone who a certain Nation, didn’t like. Disposal was a cause for action, and thus I say this now to get back on track, what is the difference, besides technology, that separates us, Citizens of the World, to beings that supported this Massacre. Although the Emotions and Motions of People have shifted, we are still flesh and blood, insects that infested and destroyed each other, we allow ourselves to do such actions and to do so is wrong. In the Ideal World, people don’t fight, people don’t die from firing squads or being a broadcast to the entire world as they are beheaded. Life is life, and I have recently seen the horrors in which my blasphemes and theories have blinded my eyes and suppressed my hearing. I was surrounded by hatred for the world and when I realized that other people felt the same I started writing and made myself feel at ease. The horror of this world, from my biased, yet Objective, opinion is…..Humanity Itself. We, as nothing more then animals who bear a more similar structure to that of a Fungus, have festered and crawled and sprawled around this Earth for less then 1% of it’s Operational Life. We feel that this is our Ideal world, a world without hunger and poverty, a world that has freedoms like the ones even Citizens of this World hope to achieve, a world with no sickness, no sadness and no grief, no hatred and no Religion, a world that is not ours. Though many people have wished it to be, they could and will never achieve such a goal, they can only hang onto dear ol’life until the day they must let go and perish into the ground for all eternity. Do we simply acknowledge  our weakness and Mortality, or do we continue to live each day like it’s our last, holding onto the bull by the horns, and making a name for ourselves, the insects that invaded this Earth. Should we allow each other to fight, where in the Ideal world we couldn’t even believe is a concept, do we create technologies that continue to allow for the uneven distribution of all resources. Do we allow what people consider the lowest of the low, the Extremists and people of ISIS to continue terrorizing this world. This world is someones for the taking, and it certainly isn’t the Gods or Goddess who will take it. For the rest of us, are we fighting without knowing it, are we supporting ideals that we can’t imagine and realize we might have. Do we excise our rights, take up arm or destroy with a single shot. All of these events, are closer then we can believe and we ourselves can’t begin to understand that the Final War is on it’s way, a War that Will Destroy all life, on fought by Technology of Man, to Help Man, that Will Destroy Man. What kind of a Future is this one I have described, does your faint ideals and piety Religious Affairs concern me, no. I am simply a Man, who has Created a Weapon, that is Stronger then a Bomb or a Bullet to the Head, I have written the words of the lands, and have described the effects of it, concealed withing various sources. Believe in what you will, and I myself will do the same, but, in the end, the only Salvation we can achieve is Self-Preservation. Now I ask you, what will you do?

~Nicholas Brandow                                                                                                                                                 A Man who will save this world from myself, and from you.

A Place for the Hated, the Damned and the ones who’s Souls are dying or Dead.

I will use this blog as a blog is meant to be used I suppose. I will use it to tell a very real and uncanny tale, one that is from the depths of my soul, the very last remnants of it at least. I am a man who is lost within his own thoughts. I am here but at the same time, I feel… feel like I am obligated to observe and survey all whom live on this world. A while back I lived a life of content, and before that.. I lived a life where I was abused. I watched my own back and everyday since I was removed from that place that was the equivalent to the depths of Hell, has been something I felt like I was dead inside. The thing is that as I realized what had happened, it had been March of the year 2008, the year when my mind, soul and body began to wither and die as slowly as possible. News of my light and joy,  my little sister, had perished by the accursed viral infection known as Cancer. When I had heard the news, all the life of my mind, body and soul, had died. I was a hollow outcast who looked for a God, then I hated that God, then I wanted to find refuge somewhere, but alas could not find such an existence. Then I turned my thoughts to Philosophy, where I was killed by everyone’s logic, their own criticism. I hated myself and hated everyone for that, the humiliation in which I felt was enormous, pain and pain began to feel more like my place in this world instead of meaningless emotions and the tortures I have endured. Everywhere I went I was scolded and hated, and so I assumed the role that only the hated peoples of this world can fill, the writer, the observer and the detective of the known and unknown. I am vanishing now, and soon I will be nothing more then my words here. As I type, I regret and hate everything that I have hated, everyone I have been mean or rude to, the bastards that I would kill if I could, the times I thought of claiming my own life to escape reality. My only regret that I cannot overturn is my theory, that….thing has haunted my life ever since I created something that will kill thousands if it is found. I destroyed all the prints and erased it by claiming it is false, but my sorrow.. grows every time I lie, I hate lying but I had to…right?

What do I do now, not like anyone reads  this anyways, but still, maybe this might help you better understand, I am a Ghost that has no place left to haunt, I am a none existent Phantom, and I like this and hate this.

For all who try, a message to both men who call and those who hunt

Attempts to find my whereabouts are useless, for the walls of Phantom Corp. are secret, those of you whom have breached my security are now employees, and those whom have failed will die a horribly painful death by the hands of my employees. Beware this warning, any further messages against me will be meet with retaliation and otherwise death. I am not to be found, for is the way the world would have it. I, am simply trying to complete my business in which humanity itself will be tried and a verdict will be met. Don’t test me,